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Product & Services: Electrical

Our Electrical Production Line:

    A- Distribution Power Supply:
  • Main distribution Panel Board (MDB):
    A key element to distribute the electrical power supply from power source (Transformer, Switrchgear, Generator, etc...) to the sub-distribution system in the plant.
  • Sub Distribution Panel Board (SDB):
    Sub-distribution boards, provide power supply to devices and equipments directly and/or to distribution boards.
  • Distribution Board (DB):
    Final level of power distribution to power and protect devices and equipments, e.g. lighting, HVAC, motors, etc...
    B- Power Control:
  • Motor Control Center (MCC): Any motor, needs to be controlled, protected and monitored. The MCC provides this concept including the mode of operation and the Before-And-After interlocking requirements. MCC can consist of Direct-On-Line, Star-Delta, Auto-Transformer Starter, Soft-Starter and Variable Frequency Drive mode of starting and operation. Depending on application, loads, and philosophy of operation.
  • Programmeable Logic Controller (PLC): In the case of complex operation and control modes, where high level of interlocks and sequencing is required, special algorithm and interfaces are needed, a PLC driven MCC will be the best choice.
  • Power Supply Availability:
    - Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS): Systems that allow to sustain power by switching automatically between electric power source and standby generators power source, without interruption and keeping the power quality and loads safe.
    - Synchronizing systems: System that allows to control and synchronize prime or standby generators to respond to power demands and increase in loads, automatically.
    C- Power Quality:
  • Power Factor Correction (PF): Optimize the power supply for maximum usage would be made by increasing power factor. Power Factor correction systems are proven and installed to improve the power factor on a network, motor and devices.
  • Harmonic Alteration Correction System (ACC): Harmonics are becoming a serious issue in electrical networks, Harmonic filters are provided to decrease and eliminate harmonics built-up in networks due to non linear loads, and hence providing higher safety and better power quality.
  • Resonance Filtration systems: Resonances in networks can build up heat and damage power supplies and equipments, Resonance Filtration systems are used to reduce and eliminate resonances in electrical networks and hence provide better power quality for maximum and better usage.
  • Power Monitoring systems: A total solution to monitor and log power quality and performance in electrical networks, to help taking right decisions and selecting right equipments to improve power quality.
D- Production Material:
    Eco uses high end, high quality top of the line products for manufacturing and assembly.
  • Electrical Parts: Merlin Gerin, Telememecanique, Square-D Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, Module Circuit Breakers, Pilot Lights, Selector Switches, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, Digital Power Meter.

  • Mechanical Components: Eco uses Type Tested enclosure with all level of breaking capacities
    • Elisteel: Type tested enclosures with breaking power up to 6000 Amp.
    • Rittal & Himel: Steel and Stainless steel GRP enclosures used for distribution and control.
    • Prisma: Type tested enclosures by Schneider with breaking capacity up to 2000 Amps, used for power distribution.